FireSim at Florian 2017

FireSim at Florian 2017 We attended the Florian 2017 Exhibition to showcase FireSim and raise public awareness of education through simulation.Read More »

Fire dynamics in simulation based training

This article covers the possible usecases realistic fire dynamics into virtual firefighter training. Those simulations can provide additional realism and new training possibilities, but are not needed for every constantly. Hence, its not a common feature in most software, but rather an ongoing topic for various academic projects, some of it even dating back to […]Read More »

Can you bodge virtual reality?

This article is about the usability of mid-budget VR and thus not directly connected to the FireSim Software. In this article i want to want to share my personal experience with the HDK2, a Head Mounted Display (HMD) as well as some insights about my newest addition, the NoloVR tracking system. The headset The HDK2 […]Read More »

Virtual Fires Congress

about the conference The Virtual Fires Congress is the annual Symposium for Virtual and Augmented Reality, Simulation and Thermodynamics in the field of Safety & Security. As a small event with roundabout 120 participants, the visitors provide an interesting mix of science and technology, firefighters, paramedics and software developers. All within a friendly atmosphere and […]Read More »