Florian 2018, 11.-13.10.2018, Messe Dresden


2017: FireSim – VR Einsatzsimulator
Nils Schmeißer, Software und Service & Werkfeuerwehr Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf

Besuchertag am Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, 9. Juni 2018


Florian 2017, 5.-7.10.2017, Messe Dresden



On October, 6th we are proud to anounce a session “Virtual Training, a practical approach“.

The session will adress the following questions:

  • Who is active in the field?
  • Which systems are used? What they are used for (command, communications, tactics, ...)?
  • How gets training/education influenced?
  • What will be the future? How do we get virtual training into the "normal" fire fighters training - not only to the central training facilities?

Initial presentations will be given by Prof. D. Wloka (University of Kassel), A. Peer (M²D MasterMind Development GmbH), N. Schmeißer (HZDR  / Campus Fire Brigade), ev. C. Bremer (University of Magdeburg).

Please visit the Meeting-Point “Simulation”

Long Night of Science, 16.6.2017 18:00-01:00, Dresden, Hörsaalzentrum

Virtual Fires Congress, 29.-30.6.2017, St. Georgen

Virtual Fires Congress at Virtual Dimension Center, St. Georgen