There is no such tool that can serve every topic or learning technique, so there exists a wide variety of software and projects with specific purposes. The following list is an overview and thus its by no means complete. This sections is focused on firefighting education, but the same software can be used by police, medics and other incident training scenarios. If there is something missing in this list, feel free to contact us.

Featured Projects

The during the yearly Florian-exhibition, these three projects are working together to raise interest and awareness for virtual reality training.

  • FireSim (Nils Schmeißer (HZDR/Werkfeuerwehr FS Rossendorf)
  • FwESI (Cininet)
  • VR on-site (M²D MasterMind Development GmbH)


Most of the software is designed for use in a classroom environment, with advisors assisting in the learning process. Often a game engine is used to achieve maximum graphical fidelity and by simplifying the development process. Beside graphics, software can be ranked among input/output methods, cost and its potential for customization.

There are a number or projects founded by european research funds as well as individual universities and organizations to develop (or modify)software for their specific need.


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