FireSim at Florian 2017

FireSim at Florian 2017

We attended the Florian 2017 Exhibition to showcase FireSim and raise public awareness of education through simulation.

To explain FireSims capabilities we decided to use a traffic accident as our base scene.
With our sophisticated hydraulic extrication spreader model, opening the cars door is a matter of mere seconds.
Additionally we modeled a standard operation procedure for performing traffic control and water supply
Every person was controlled by its own script with triggers send by specified communication channels.

Demonstration of handling the spreader device. (Messe Dresden)


Get together and spread the word

We invited the projects VRonSite and KATIE to Florian exhibition. Together we created a discussion panel on the topic of virtual reality and its use and future among firefighters. With very positive feedback of visitor and exhibition-staff, we are coming back next year, with even bigger ambitions.


We achieved more visibility and awareness of virtual reality technologies and possibility. However this topics still need a lot of explanation.