Firefighter have to train their skills on different scenarios. They can do this using

  • theoretical training
  • real life fire simulation
  • single scenario training (in real world environments)test_0_1-small
  • complex real life scenario training (huge!)

All these training scenarios require preparation and supervision by a lot of instructors. They might also expose the trainee to real hazzards.

Today a lot of relevant parameters of real world scenarios can be simulated, therefore VR system can support the training.

Virtual training can never completely substitute training in real life environments, but a combination of these methods can dramatically improve the level of knowledge and ability to act properly in case of emergency.

This project focuses an skills required for basic operations performed by firefighters

  • communication skills
  • tactical behaviour
  • operation of (standard) devices
  • command chain/sector command operations

 Old website: https://www.hzdr.de/wfw/firesim/